Our Sizing:

Identity Party items are mostly vintage so the sizing can differ from modern standardised sizing. Please check our tips below to make sure your new pieces fit you like a dream!

Please do not be put off by the size label in the garment- standardised clothes sizes have altered hugely over time so a size 16 from the 1980s could have the same measurements as your brand new size 8 jeans. 

Because of this we provide our own sizing recommendations and measurements for bottoms. This way you can be sure of the fit when you order by comparing the measurements to yourself/ any bottoms you already own.


How to measure:

Wrap the tape measure around the point of your body where you want to wear your bottoms. The waist measurement of the item you want to buy should match this (or be smaller if the item is stretchy).

Alternatively find a pair of bottoms which fit you well. Measure straight across the waistband of these, with the tape measure flat and in line with the garment. Double the measurement to find the waist size- this should match the measurement of the item you want to buy.

In the same way you can measure your inside leg/ the inseam measurement of your trousers to compare to the item measurements. 


Jeans and trousers:



 -Waist: measured from one side of the waistband to the other and doubled. Elasticated waists are measured unstretched.

-Rise: measured vertically from the crotch to the waistband

-Hips: measured from the widest point of the trousers ( usually in line with the crotch) and doubled.

-Inside leg: measured from the crotch where the 2 legs meet down to the hem.












-Waist: measured from one side of the waistband to the other and doubled. Elasticated waists are measured unstretched.

-Length: measured vertically from the waistband to the hem.






Size guideline:

Please bear in mind these are rough recommendations. We consider our sizing generous as a lot of the garments we sell are designed to have a comfortable looser fit (for example sweatshirts and coats). 

Identity Party Size: Best fits UK size: EU: US:
XS 4-6 32-34 0-2
S 8-10 36-38 4-6
M 10-14 38-42 6-10
L 14-16 42-44 10-12
XL 16-18 44-46 12-14
22" waist 4 32 0
24" waist 6 34 2
26" waist 8 36 4
28" waist 10 38 6
30" waist 12 40 8
32" waist 14 42 10
34" waist 16 44 12
36" waist 18 46 14
38" waist 20 48 16



If you have any further questions or require more specific measurements than those provided in the item description just drop us a message here